Friday, March 9, 2012

Lunch Roundup #6

This week's lunch has pea pods, grapes, cheese, spelt chocolate chip muffins, and pasta with chicken sausage.

I was going to include the recipe for the chocolate chip muffins in this post but they didn't turn out very good. I used the recipe on the Bob's Red Mill package for spelt muffins but altered it a bit with buttermilk and adding vanilla and chocolate chips. They turned out spongy, but edible.

For the pasta and sausage I used a gluten-free pasta which I am not the biggest fan of but I had some in the cupboard. I prefer skipping the pasta myself and giving the rest of the family whole wheat pasta. The gluten-free just doesn't have as good of texture as normal pasta. I added some butter in it for the kids and some Thin n' Trim garden vegetable chicken sausage. Their veggie was on the side - nice crunchy pea pods.

 Its a pre-cooked product but does not have any nitrates so I think it is good for every once in a while. The only ingredient that is not meat or veggies is a bit of sugar.

I cut the sausage in chunks and browned it with a little olive oil before combining with the pasta to make it more tasty. It is precooked, but browning it makes it extra special.

 I made my husband an Italian pasta salad with the hot sausage flavor, olive oil and veggies for lunch as well. 

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