Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mealpods makes life easier

You may have noticed we haven't posted as much over the Christmas holiday. My kids and I traveled back home to the Chicago suburbs for our annual Christmas trip. We actually even traveled to Illinois on Christmas Day (luckily Santa came to our house the day before). My husband stayed home in New Hampshire while Sis and I were visiting.

This post isn't about our visit though or the awesome presents she got me. Its about our Mealpods. I left my husband home for a full week and a full freezer full of Mealpods. Surprisingly he didn't cook while I was away but when I got home there were still plenty left, so while I was jetlagged, catching up on work,  unpacking our 6 suitcases  and putting away Christmas decorations I didn't have to cook dinner - just heat up Mealpods. I actually came home Monday and didn't cook until Thursday, cooked 1 meal, and another meal on Friday. The key is every time you cook, you make a larger batch than usual and split it up into individual portions. If you freeze them you can accumulate quite a variety of food by cooking 2-3 meals a week because they last for a month in the freezer. So in my freezer right now I have the two new pods: Curry Honey Chicken and another batch of Sweet Potato Sausage Burrito filling (my husband and my faves) and still have some Alfredo Chicken, Spaghetti,  and Mushroom Risotto left as well. Even if you refer refrigerator pods and weekly cooking you can still put some in the freezer for "emergency meals" keeping most of your meals for the week in the refrigerator. 

I know for me while I am trying to maintain my weight loss I don't want to feel like I am on a diet. Portioning my food and not having to cook every night really helps me forget that I am still managing my food. In essence I don't feel like I am dieting. Since I am not having to cook every night Mealpods also help prevent me from eating out or getting takeout because I have meals on hand and ready to go.  Plus because they are a full meal without preservatives I know they are healthy as well. 

So if you are starting the new year with a resolution to eat better, keep Mealpods in mind!


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