Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Bowls

Kahler Omaggio Bowls
Mini Bowls from Huset Shop
I am a sucker for kitchen items; vintage, modern or just plain weird. I have a collection of mini bowls in varying shapes and patterns that I initially bought for my still-life art, but I am always finding them useful in the kitchen. I use them often when baking and cooking to separate measured or chopped ingredients waiting for their turn in the queue. They are great for single servings of chilli, stews and rice as well as for dips and salsa.

You can find plain ones that stack, adorable patterned ones, and ones that can even go in the oven.

Here are some I liked from around the web.


Rice dk Melamine Two Tone Bowls
This adorable one from Huset Shop is melamine so it won't break! There are more just as sweet designs on their site. 

Kahler Omaggio Bowls  
These classic stripes stack also from Huset Shop

Kado Rice Bowl 
This modern patterned one from Crate and Barrel might have to come home with me for a still-life. 

Salsa Bowl

They call this a salsa dish from Crate and Barrel but I think it could look Mediterranean. 

White Stacking Bowl, Set of 6 | World Market
These white stacking bowls from Cost Plus World Market come on a rack to keep them neat and at hand!

Libbey 6-1/2-Ounce Small Bowls with Plastic Lids, 8-Piece Set
Go vintage with Pyrex mini bowls that come with lids from Amazon Marketplace! Refrigerator Pods anyone? 

Fiesta 6-3/4-Ounce Bouillon
Not vintage enough? Here are some Fiestaware replicas. I have one of these in red. I NEED more. Here they are at Amazon Marketplace. 
Season oven dish 4-pack - different colors - Sagaform
Some more great modern  ones from Scandinavian Design Center

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