Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Leftover Mealpod Recipes!

On a holiday all about eating I tend to go overboard.  It is a day I let myself off of my healthy eating regime and have fun with friends and family. That might mean diving into the stuffing even though I usually don't eat wheat or maybe sampling every dessert, and then going back to the stuffing.  Did I say I love stuffing?

The important thing is getting back to  healthy eating habits first thing Friday.  Since I lost 30 pounds, I've still had some ups and downs with my weight. Whenever I gained some weight back, it was always because I let myself get off of my new healthy eating lifestyle. I'm not saying I'm always dieting, but if you've lost a significant amount of weight most likely the bad habits that got you to be heavy in the first place have the possibility of creeping back up on you. Thanksgiving is a day of fun and (let's face it) overeating but don't let that one day throw you off course. 

To help you get back into eating right, Melissa and I want to share a couple of great Mealpod recipes that make use of Thanksgiving leftover turkey! 

Bacon Turkey Salad Recipe (refrigerator pod) 
This is a great fresh recipe with avocado and bacon to make and portion out for delicious lunches for the week.
Turkey Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe
This classic alfredo recipe makes very frugal use of your roasted turkey leftovers making 14 Mealpods to store in the freezer!

--- Nicole


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