Monday, May 7, 2012

Zombie 5k Boston 2012

I did not cook any Mealpods this weekend, the freezer was full and I was... being chased by zombies. 

My friend and I ran the Boston area Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K. It had rained the day before so the track was muddier than I think they meant for it to be. The run started with a park ski hill: the runners had to climb up the foggy hill but the Zombies were brought up on the conveyor belt. I guess that is only fair. You can see me in the middle in red and my friend just behind me. 

We don't really have any pictures from the race except for the first foggy one because the whole course was on top of the hill - in a field and then in the woods - and spectators could not watch. Amazingly there were quite a few people with those waterproof headcams on during the race and I found a good video on YouTube. It was so muddy most people came in over an hour for the 5K because you had to shuffle through the slippery mud for a good portion of the race.

Youtube video by stealthbaz

My favorite parts of the race was the field at the beginning where you had to try and sprint past the zombies. When it was too muddy you were more afraid of losing a shoe than a flag. If you are not familiar with the Runforyourlives race, you get a flag belt with 3 flags and you have to run through the 5K obstacle course and past zombies. The zombies try to get your flags and if you make it to the end with at last one flag - you have survived and get bragging rights. I died... so I am officially part of the undead. I did enjoy trying to block my friend's flags after I lost all of mine and stare down the zombies. It didn't last that long though before I couldn't wedge my body between a rather aggressive zombie who ignored my undead self. I must have stunk of decay already and did not smell like food. 

The race is going to be in a bunch of other cities as well. If you would like to do it but are nervous about some of the obstacles I would encourage you to go anyway. You can go around any you would like to and no one really cares. 



After (after a little cleanup)

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